Researcher, there is the new offer given by external relations at Linnaeus University to companies and organizations in the region. If they show interest they will have to send a short letter describing why they want to borrow a researcher. They need to describe:

  • Brief description of your organization
  • What is the challenge the organization is facing?
  • In which competence area do you think we can find the right skills?
  • What do you hope that this will lead to?

External relation will accept applications continuously until 20 October.

The financing of the researcher’s time (up to 8 hours) comes through a VINNOVA funded project MINT (Mobility for the benefit and growth). Representatives from external relations will look at the application and try to match the needs of businesses with a researcher at Linnaeus University. The process is built on a demand and we hope that companies will show interest for the IT-related areas and that you as researchers will accept and take the time to meet the companies and organizations.

For more information, contact Diana Unander Nordle.